40 Days of visioning 

Let's talk about 40 Days of Visioning. The program that has turned into our landing place, our main port, our home base, our chosen family.   A number consciously chosen to keep us cycling in and with the rhythms of nature.  To keep us connected to sacred cycles.  To hold us accountable….. Gently, kindly, lovingly and gratefully. 


“This is truly a Soul Voyage Circle. Yes, it is a sisterhood, but it transcends definition by gender. It is a soul circle in the truest sense, a group of souls who have recognized each other without knowing each other in the ordinary sense. Souls voyaging together. Wow, do I feel blessed to have found the entrance to this circle through Jeneen!” -- Karen G.

This is a mediation group integrating other sacred and energetic modalities that work in complementary ways. We are spiritually minded, practically focused.  We are a diverse and accepting group who value this diversity and respect one another on a very deep level.  

Honest, our space is unique and powerful.   


So drop in and see for yourself as my guest.  

I promise you, no pressure, no sales pitch, no guilt, no convincing.  

I trust that you will know if it's for you.  

It’ll feel like home. 

 Our baseline format*

  • M-W--F morning classes at 7:30 am  EST.  45 minutes.  

    • Mindfulness / QI - Mantra -- Crystals & Sound.

  • Wed evenings. 

    • 8:30pm Lullaby Sound Voyage 

  • Full & New Moon circles. Times/Dates vary.  

  • Seasonal Ceremonies.  Times/Dates vary.

  • Custom recorded meditations and videos available on FB group

  • Bonus meetings and outings including hikes, check ins and dance parties scheduled as inspired or requested.  (generally expect 2-3 bonus content events per session)


*All classes are recorded and accessible via link for up to 5 days after our class time EXCEPT for bellydance (privacy is paramount to ensure trust and safety).

Options for registration at the level that meets your needs at this time.  Entirely at your discretion.  Thank you.