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Monday, Apr 11, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Week!

When we gather in groups for ceremony and ritual, we begin with an intention and the acknowledgement of our work together and individually.  This creates an opening: the space for gifts to be received, for life force to enter, for expansion, for release, for healing, for awakening, for integration.  Within this held and defined space, we can manifest our dreams.   As the ceremony ends, we make sure we close the door behind us.  This closing is vital and is conscious.  Without a proper closing, what was an appropriate opening within a particular space, becomes a leak, hole, a drain, in our ‘regular’ life.  This can manifest in many ways; illness, bad luck, forgetfulness, low energy… To name a few.  

What we often fail to remember, is that our whole life is one huge ceremony which contains all the other ceremonies we are a part of.  To take this metaphor further, we can see that each breath is a ceremony contained with the ceremony of each hour, of each day, of each week, of each month….of each lifetime.  And that every time we gather with others, we are in fact “in ceremony”.  

More to the point: we are living breathing walking ceremonies.  Each one of us. 

As this realization dawns, we see our job is a ceremony, our chores are all ceremonies, our time at the gym, our yoga class, our meals…. All ceremony.     And then we begin to understand just how Sacred and precious our life is.   What a gift it is to be here, now. We don’t necessarily need to seek out rituals to make life feel sacred, because it already is.   The rituals we participate in though, can be helpful reminders of this.  It is akin to “living your yoga”, rather than only doing it on your yoga mat.  The connection between “on and off the mat”  is an important one for our species at this time.   

When we make that connection and begin to live our lives as a sacred unfolding of the divine in every moment, we must remember openings and closings in everything we do, every place we go.   We must remember to clear, fill and ground…. Constantly.   It may seem like a lot to remember, a lot of work. 

But it’s really only one simple truth:  Your life here and now is sacred and divine.   Live each moment with this knowledge. 

Have a blessed week.

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