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Monday, December 28th

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today, a scent from the past reminds you of the work to be done.  Look no further than inside yourself.  There is a repetition of themes since November.  They keep cycling and recycling waiting and waiting to be acknowledged and actively addressed.  The longer this gets put off, the more external pressure in various forms.

Without feeling overwhelmed or scared, can you see clearly where the work needs to be done?  If not, ask for guidance, light a candle, enter meditation, go into your studio, dance, allow the information to rise in you through the things you love and trust.

All of this is timely before the new year’s arrival.  It does feel a little bit like all the work is coming at once, in the form of a giant SLAM.  Don’t let yourself be hit by it.  Instead, dance with it, smile with it, accept it with grace and empathy and love.   The key to this is Trust & Acceptance.   This will be true all week so remember that as things come up.

And pay attention to your sense of smell. There is information for you here.

Word of the day:  Trust

Action of the day:  Acceptance

Song of the day:  Work to do

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