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Monday, November 16

Freedom.  What is freedom?

To find freedom, begin with freedom within. Freedom from fear, from hate, from anxiety, from shame, from blame, from blockages, from aches, from attachment, from longing, from fighting in all its forms.  We search the world over to understand how to work for and how to plant the seeds of freedom, how to fight for freedom, how to create freedom, to change laws for freedom.  We judge those who we view as impediments to freedom fiercely.   But as with so many things, we think we can create it outside ourselves before it is truly truly truly present within.

Today, this week, work within.  Find one place in your being that is not free… and release it.  let go.  with a breath, with a walk, with a sigh, with a laugh, with a cry, with a hug, with a dance, with a song….. give it voice and move on.  I mean really.  Not just for the moment.  But forever.  Otherwise its not really letting go, but only letting it out on a really long tether until it comes back to you again sooner or later.

Cut the tether.  Taste a moment of freedom.

Word of the day:  Free

Song of the day:  Fare thee well

Today, I encourage you to become just a little more free.

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