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Sketchbook Voyage - Week 5!

Greetings beautiful Sketchbook Voyagers!

Welcome to week 5 and our final week officially together. As we discussed in class today, the question I have for you is what kind of relationship are you going to have with your sketchbook? Your sketchbook is a tool and a partner. As we have moved through some options together, and shared our practices, I hope you have found some space to re-consider or re-connect to a sketchbook practice. Without judgement, without expectation, without analysis. But instead WITH curiosity, fun, the spirit of playfulness and experimentation. What is here for you in this space?

For inspiration, I’m offering you a glimpse into one of my all time favorite artists Agnes Martin. As a demonstration how simple forms distilled into essence can be a powerful tool for expression.

And for something perhaps a little more relatable, I found this artists work beautiful and love how she talks about her working process (if an idea fails, it fails!)

Lovely article

Her website (you really need to check this out)

And last bit of resource sharing. Look at these beautiful examples of sketches from this stunning show in NY a few years back and see what resonates with you, your vision, your aesthetic. Perhaps you can further investigate one of the artists whose drawing really speaks to you.

Sketchbook Reminders:

Now its your turn. From all the information I’ve shared, we’ve shared, over the last 5 weeks, make your own list of reminders. Your own “notes to self”. Put them on post it notes, or write them on pages of your sketchbook itself. Whatever you need. Don't worry about looking through the notes I’ve shared, just see what you remember and trust that.

Some thoughts to keep you going:

Today we talked about using a sketchbook practice as a tool for curating and cultivating your work/life/space. The way a sketchbook is NOT just a documentation process, but has the ability and potential to be literally revelatory. If you allow yourself to dive in and let go of expectations. As you begin to develop this relationship (and BTW: it's an ongoing process!!)- notice what things you are drawn to, what excites you, what inspires you, what motivates you, what engages you…. And do more of THAT. In addition, fill your space- your living space-your studio space- with those things or those qualities that create an environment in which it is both EASY and enjoyable for you to create.

Tips for Keeping a Sketchbook or Visual Journal

Just do it.


It's all around you (and inside you!) Just open your eyes to it!

Closing thoughts!

So much to continue to share with you all. I will keep the blog up on my website (*currently you have exclusive access to it) for your continued resource. I also have a plan to continue to send you some guided videos/meditations for your sketchbook practice. I will share these in the FB chat so look there for more content.

Now its up to you.

What do you need here to keep yourself going or get back on track?

Remember its easier to do ANYTHING when you have a group so check in with our group, ask for what you need, and lets see what we can continue to create together!

I would like to suggest that we check in with each other in 3 weeks for accountability and a show and tell. How does that sound to you all? I’ll update you in our private chat space.

In the meantime:

KEEP SKETCHING, keep sharing, keep in touch, and keep asking for what you need.

That's the magic recipe right there.

Blessings all

Toodles & Doodles


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