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Thursday October 29

Enter the still point. The center of your being. The center of your knowing. Where nothing can rattle you, trigger you, harm you, incite you. Cleanse the emotional body. A deep cleanse. A full detox. When the waters are clear, then you can see clearly. When the waters are still, then you can reflect clearly. Anything less than perfectly clear, perfectly still and there is confusion,misalignment, misunderstanding, blame,guilt and so on and so on. Can you cleanse these emotional waters with your breath? With movement? With sound? With massage? With healthy food? What combinations of these things help you or your emotional body detox? Start with a plan and see where it takes you. Do you need a week? A month? Several months? Design it for you. Do not move forward in challenging situations or areas until you have cleansed. Rest, have patience, and find your still point.

Word of the day: stillness

Action of the day: cleanse

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