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Wednesday, Jan 6 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Today, Surprises!  Lift your head and look around you for hidden gems and surprises in many forms.  Perhaps they have been there all along but you haven’t paid attention.  When we turn inward for healing and work, it can become easy to miss the treasures outside us and around us. With your eyes downcast carefully following your path with single minded focus, you might miss the blue sky, the sparkling stars, the bigger picture.  Take a moment of you day your time and see what you notice.

This morning as I walked in my backyard, examining the path before me, I paused and looked up.  Silently standing before me was a lone Buck.  A magnificent deer with a huge rack on his head.  We were not more than 5 feet apart.  How long had he been there;  So well camouflaged with his environment?  I wondered what he thought of me, what I looked like to him, head down , focused intently on the ground.   As I stared into his large vast eyes, he seemed to say:  “Lift your gaze gently, and notice what is all around you.  Take it all in.  There is Magic everywhere.”  then he bounded off, great giant leaps, white tail dotting the landscape.

Today, I was supposed to wake up in a cabin in the woods, but priorities shifted and I am home instead.

And the woods came to me.

Word of the day: Surprise

Song of the day: Magic in the Air

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