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Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


This day, every day, LOVE.  Love whats here, now.  Love what is present in this moment.  In this state of Love, feel your breath, feel your heart, feel your blood. Be Alive. In this Aliveness, move froward through your day with Love as your guide.

Love is sometimes hard, sometimes frightening, sometimes painful. Love is sometimes beautiful, sometimes joyful, sometimes glorious.  Love makes you smile and laugh and cry (sometimes all at once!).  Love is light and dark.  Love encompasses the full spectrum.

Through these eyes of Love we see all things, ALL things, are truly the same. All things.  ALL THINGS.

Love is Unity in a world of no separation, no division, no judgement.  To integrate your life, to come into balance within your being and in the world, simply come into a state of honest, true, real LOVE… all aspects of it.

Accept love as it is and as it shows up.  Here and now.

Word of the day:  Love!

Song of the day:  All you Need is Love by the Beatles.

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