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Wednesday October 28


Something new is in the air. A palpable shift from stagnant old stuck places, to new possibilities. Brought on by the full moon perhaps? What is here for you, in this place of potential? What do you want to create? Are you willing to let go of old patterns, old thoughts and attachments to embrace this gift that is right in front of you? Can you allow yourself permission to accept it? All it takes is present moment awareness. Being truly here…now. A simple action and yet we make it so so complicated. Instead, allow yourself he chance to believe it can be that simple…even if just for a moment. And plant the seed for transformation. Invent your own moment. Create your life.

Quote of the day:“If you’re living the present moment, you are one with the moment. You don’t sit around talking to yourself about anything, because you are busy fulfilling the moment with whatever it is that’s going on that you are doing. You are actually inventing the moment as you are going.” Maticintin, Wisdom Master. HÜMÜH Clear Mind Buddhism.

Color of the day: orange!

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