Soul Voyage

find your true North
Rejuvenate your soulA voyage that transcends.


My name is Jeneen Piccuirro, and I have created lovingly inspired, exploratory and revealing process work through art, dance, yoga, meditation, QiGong, crystals, sound medicine and subtle energy for the last three decades.  Above all else, I am a multi-disciplinary Artist and lifetime steward of the Earth and all things sacred.
My passion is revealing your creative source and your inner calling while aligning with your “simply extraordinary” life (hint: its already right in front of you!) and connecting you deeply to a community that can support your growth at this time.
Through clearing, centering and creating, I help move stagnant energies and invite the space for your souls voyage.

Join me in programs, series, ceremonies and retreats to take this journey collectively.Bearing witness and being witnessed. To yourself and for/with an extraordinary community of pathfinders.

This is living work. Breathing work. Being work. 
You won't find it prepackaged.
Your actual real time presence, passion and commitment are absolutely necessary.

Let me take you on a voyage. A soul voyage. A voyage that transcends a specific event and that guides you to evolve.


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Shadow on Concrete Wall
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Dance your Joy: Return to Greece 

Join our Sacred Sisterhood as we return to our tiny paradise in Greece.

April 2022

Join our Sacred Sisterhood as we return to our tiny paradise in Greece: the remote island of Amorgos. Our magical and soul refreshing retreat features daily bellydance, yoga, meditation and deep lasting connection. 

Dance, move, play, and dive deep into your inner joy for well-being. 

40 Days of Visioning : January 31 - March 11

Join us live online for 40 days of meditation and visioning. This recurring offering will include various tools as needed for the times at hand. Grab your journal, art supplies, cushion and headphones to dive into some deep clearing and healing work to set you on the path of your SOUL VISION.

40 days is a baseline, it's a pulse.

It gives us a chance to remember and remember again and keep remembering,... together.  

It's about establishing routine and consistency.

It's about deep deep listening and joyful reflection.

It's about showing up and witnessing with patience and kindness.

It's about starting your day off with some self care.

It's about integrating tools into your life, work, and family.

It's about asking for what you need.  

It's about wonder and grace and deep abiding gratitude. 

40 days is so much more than access to 4-6 classes a week, moon circles, inspiration prompts, seasonal ceremonies.

40 days is circle work, in a virtual “studio” format, every days.  

40 days is a “sisterhood” in which we hold each other's hands (metaphorically!) as we explore our visions together.  

Seeing,  to be seen.

40 Days of Visioning.  

In Unity. Community.


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