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My name is Jeneen Piccuirro, and I have lovingly inspired deep exploratory and revealing process work through art, dance, yoga, meditation, QiGong, crystals, sound medicine and subtle energy for the last three decades.
My passion is connecting you to your creative source and your inner calling and to aligning you with your “simply extraordinary” life that is already right in front of you.
Through clearing, transmuting and moving stuck energies, I help invite the space for your souls voyage. Join me, in workshops, classes, trainings, series, ceremonies and retreats to take this journey collectively. Bearing witness and being witnessed.
This is living work. Breathing work. Being work. You won't find it prepackaged on the internet. Your actual presence is necessary.
Let me take you on a voyage. A soul voyage. A voyage that transcends a specific event and that guides you to evolve.
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  • Membership Offer
    60 Days to Radical Gratitude
    Thu, Dec 03
    directly to your inbox!
    Dec 03, 2020, 7:00 AM – Feb 02, 2021, 7:00 PM
    directly to your inbox!
    Gratitude is the light that shines in even the darkest of places. Offering it, Receiving it and truly experiencing its many many benefits. So many of our practices are cultivated from a place of Gratitude. For 60 days, we will consciously make gratitude our habit of choice.
  • Joyful Bellydance (1)
    Tue, Jan 05
    Jan 05, 7:30 PM EST – Feb 23, 7:30 PM EST
    Joyful Bellydance to get your body moving: mindfully, lovingly and playfully. Bellydance creates space for JOY, builds community and brings you into a deeper connection with your body and being. 8 week series. Jan 5 - Feb 23. Tuesdays. 7:30-8:30pm. 1 hour.
  • Yoga & Qi (1)
    Thu, Jan 07
    Jan 07, 12:00 PM EST – Feb 25, 12:00 PM EST
    8 week series! 45 minute class. Thursdays at 12 noon. Gentle meditation focussed movement class including components of Sri Yoga, QiGong and Dance. No experience necessary.
  • Sustaining GRATITUDE
    Mon, Feb 01
    Feb 01, 7:00 PM – May 25, 11:00 PM
    Continue establishing your gratitude practice with a weekly recorded meditation, video message, journal prompt and thoughtful inspiration around our gratitude theme.
  • 40 days of Visioning: February 8 - March 19, 2021
    Mon, Feb 08
    ZOOM, LIVESTREAM and Private FB Group
    Feb 08, 6:20 AM – Mar 19, 11:20 AM
    ZOOM, LIVESTREAM and Private FB Group
    Join us live and recorded for 40 days of meditation and visioning. This seasonal offering will include various tools as needed for the times at hand. Grab your journal, art supplies, cushion and headphones to dive into some deep clearing and healing work to set you on the path of your SOUL VISION.
  • 101 Days to YES
    Mon, Feb 15
    ZOOM and private space
    Feb 15, 7:00 AM – May 26, 7:00 AM
    ZOOM and private space
    Explore the "Art of Seeing Clearly" as we engage together and individually in order to access our deepest, soulful living. This is my soul pathwork for times of deep transition.
  • Private Sessions
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Request an individual session or package of sessions for your own wellness and self care. Coaching-Clearing-Energy Work-Intuitive Counseling-Meditation Therapy-Sound Healing-Integrative Alignment and more.
  • Dance your Joy: Return to Greece. 2021.
    Time is TBD
    Aegialis Spa
    Time is TBD
    Aegialis Spa, Amorgos 840 08, Greece
    Join our Sacred Sisterhood as we return to our tiny paradise in Greece: the remote island of Amorgos. Our magical and soul refreshing retreat features daily bellydance, yoga, meditation and deep lasting connection. Space is limited. Additional info on our FB page:
  • Soul Care Retreat: Morrocco POSTPONED!
    Time is TBD: rescheduled
    Time is TBD: rescheduled
    Morocco, High Atlas Mountains
    Explore & Restore your soul on this "destination transformation" retreat with meditation, yoga, dance and art.


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