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Private Sessions are for deep personal clearing work.  They integrate a wide range of modalities carefully selected to assist with whatever your intention is.  They may include: Tuning Forks, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Smudging, Sound Work, Soul Guidance, Yoga, Mantra, Chakra Alignment, and so much more. 


Online session tend to focus more on remote energy work and life coaching.  Healing Hammock sessions allow for surround sound healing / restoration and are in Alexandria, Virginia.

2018 11 Jeneen Sound Healing-93-37.jpg

I can't stop talking about Jeneen. I came to her because I was having trouble getting pregnant and had lots of anxiety. I started doing 1:1 sessions and two months later I was pregnant and off my anxiety medicine. Sound therapy with Jeneen is the most powerful medicine I have ever encountered. Please go see her, you won't be disappointed."

Emilie R. Private Session Participant

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