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Programs to Rejuvenate Your Soul

Programs are immersive experiences with a consistent group over a set period of time. Programs allow us to build community, trust, safety and dive deep together.  They are intended to assist you in transformative work and to support your personal growth. This is circle work with and in sisterhood. Programs include weekly classes and recorded content that is not available to the general public. 

Soul Voyage Studio offers 22 day and 40 day online meditation and visioning programs and a year-long month mentorship program for those seeking private support, guidance, training and wisdom building. Each program is slightly different, integrating other sacred and energetic modalities that work in complementary ways.  

Dance your Joy. Bellydance. Sisterhood. Self Care.

Visioning and Membership Programs 

Let's talk about meditation and visioning. Are you longing for a place to stay connected to sacred cycles and to be held accountable, gently, kindly, lovingly and gratefully?  


Soul Voyage Studio Visioning and Membership Programs will do just that. Experience visioning and meditation in a group or private one-on-one setting. Each experience is uniquely crafted to integrate other sacred and energetic modalities that work in complementary ways.


The 22 day and 40 day visioning and meditation online groups are spiritually minded and practically focused. They are made up of a diverse and accepting group of people who value the diversity and respect of one another on a very deep level.  

Time Commitment

Weekly Classes vary per program period but are usually a combination of one or two morning classes a week (7:15am) and one evening class (7:15pm). All classes EST.  45 - 60 minutes on Zoom. 

Recordings available.

 Please check schedule for exact times

Access to Seasonal/Moon Ceremonies


Participate in incredible Moon Sound Healing Circles and Seasonal Ceremonies. Experience these event online (included) or in person (additional fee) when available

Class Format

Expect Mindfulness, QI, Mantra, Yoga, Crystals and Sound Baths. Practical tools for your well being. Practices vary per session and intention. Includes bonus meetings & classes, recordings and lively FB community.

 Online Resources

Your membership includes access to daily or weekly  recorded meditations, recordings of our weekly classes, journal prompts, inspiration and support, as well as an active private FB group for all current and previous 40 Days participants and a Whats App thread for our cohort.

Choose your pricing plan

  • 40 Days of Visioning

    Visioning INTO Spring MARCH 8 - APRIL 17, 2024
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Opening Circle on International Womens Day
    • 2 morning classes a week (Mon/Mantra & Wed/Yoga 7:15 am)
    • 1 evening class a week (Thurs/Sound 8pm.)
    • 1 Full Moon Circle (8pm Thurs in place of Soundbath)
    • New Moon Crystals & Sound program (3 day program TBA))
    • Spring Equinox Sound Cleanse (discount for live event 3/19
    • Facebook community
    • Private Whats App thread
    • Additional bonus recordings

This is truly a Soul Voyage Circle. It is a soul circle in the truest sense, a group of souls who have recognized each other without knowing each other in the ordinary sense. Souls voyaging together. Wow, do I feel blessed to have found the entrance to this circle through Jeneen!” 

Karen G, 40 Day Program Participant

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