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How I learned to stop worrying and love my life.

Wow, look. I found this on a blog I started 5 years ago. It’s the only thing I ever posted on it. Who knew?!

I.  Jan 2011 Today as I read yet another Waldorf resource book touting the necessity of ritual and rhythm in your day, I suddenly had a realization.  Instead of the old nagging feeling known as “I should…”(which I often experience when reading such books) my heart leapt forward and shouted “I DO!”  But what is it that I do.  Do I have a day of schedules and routines where we pick out our clothes for the next day, carefully meal plan in advance, greet each morning with the same circle and story, have themes to our homeschooling curriculum…. hell no!!!  My rhythm is very different.  But it’ s there. We wake each morning with a smile and some cuddling and laughter in bed together.  Often there is a morning bath to help us ease into the day.  We brush our teeth, comb our hair and smile some more.  All sorts…

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