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Thursday, Dec 29, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


A soft rain falls outside, painting the world grey. What is here , today, in this damp, shimmering place?  What is here beneath the heaviness of a thick sky?

As the last days of 2016 tick away,  one slow drudging step at a time, I  wonder why the floodgates of the sky haven’t opened their weary arms?  Haven’t let the pouring rain come crashing through?  I await the release, the letting go, the cleansing action, the purification…But it doesn’t come.  Not yet at least.  Instead, theres a holding pattern in place.  This place where we get stuck.

It’s not the place from which we shift. It’s not the place where we let go from.  It’s not the place the births change.

Our collective consciousness is shattered, torn to shreds, fragmented, cracked.  To become whole requires balance, acceptance, understanding, compassion… the likes of which we have yet to see or feel.  This balance is not about choosing sides and picking battles, not about pointing fingers and laying blame, not about criticizing and ridiculing, not about making broad generalizations or ascribiring to one pedagogy.  This balance we require is hard wired into our world and beings, but we need to uncover it first.

To get there, we must all first lay down our arms and be willing to listen,to see, to understand.  Not to judge.  We must be willing to sit with our own regret, side by side, and own it with clarity.  We must be willing to accept all that has been and all that is, what has gotten us all collectively here.  Most importantly:  We must be willing to accept our piece.

And then, hand in hand, together (there is no other way) we can take the next steps forward with a little more lightness in each step.

These last few days of 2016, this is what I am working on.  I am here for you, you who are working too.  May we give each other the strength, courage and inspiration to each do our part from this moment forward.  May we dust off the relics of our memories from our past shared humanity, unity and co-existence so that we can remember the path forward and lead the way.


word of the day:  regret

song of the day: With God on our Side by Bob Dylan (a song of hope)

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