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Thursday, Jan 14, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today, Embrace the Noise!  The day starts us full and loud right away…Activity all around you.  Perhaps you were hoping for a nice leisurely quiet morning?  Never mind that.  Theres fun to be had, work to be done and a buzz in the air that can be refreshing if you don’t fight or resist it.  Simply allow it to be.  You will find you are not quite as tired as you think you are.  If you find yourself dancing while you cook or clean today, singing along to the radio, or skipping down the street instead of walking…don’t hold back.

Jump into your day with both feet taking a giant leap of faith.  Notice where you land.  How does it feel to be here?  Appreciate the place you are in and the life that surrounds you.

Vital, active, beautiful LIFE.

peace out.

Word of the Day:  Fullness

Energetic Barometer:  Active

Song of the Day:  Its a Beautiful Day.  U2

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