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Wednesday, Apr 6, 2016

Energy Musings. Here.  Now.



The Sky is Earth’s Blank Canvas. There is nothing else quite like it.  Images move across its surface. Color changes. Form emerges, than disappears.  Sometimes there is movement. Other times stillness.

Under the lovingly watchful Sky, seasons change, weather moves, nature speaks.

I look to the sky every morning, every evening, every chance I get to see what it has to tell me today, here, now.  Sometimes, I hear music.  Other times, words dance in my mind.  Often, I am just in amazement at the constantly changing display… the living Art it has to offer.

As I take a deep breath in, and blow it away, I notice the space inside me is not unlike that sky, this sky.  The colors changing through the day, the rise and fall of our natural rhythm.  And always, always, the steady blue underneath it all.

Reconnecting to that blue, clear, blank canvas I ask myself and the sky above:

What, dear love, shall we paint today?

Today, look to the sky.

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