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Thursday, October 22

Wondering this morning how it got to be late October already? Just feeling like you finally figured out your fall schedule? Just getting used to the new school routine? Don’t worry, you are not alone! A big theme of this fall, or more appropriately a quality of it, has been its speed. It has come up over and over again as something to pay attention to as we anchor into our nourishing habits, take time to notice the small stuff, remember to breathe and ground ourselves so that we are not swept away in the rush. There is a backlash brewing in the background of all this activity that wants to take us off course and pull us back into old… I mean OLD… Patterns. Stay alert, and stay focused. Talk with close friends and family to stay connected….in person! This push will continue through the season so don’t think of it is a singular focus for one day only. Keep in touch with people you love and trust and most importantly.. Yourself! Then you can watch the ‘backlash’ wash right on by you.


Word of the day: communication

Song of the day: Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter

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