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Friday, December 11-Sunday, December 13

The Weekend Report!  This weekend, wisdom from the Fox.  Stand still when you need to be still and move with agility and speed when you need to get things done.

As you come into the still point, be fully present and aware. Focussed on what is happening around you, but not affected by it.  Use this skill whenever you need to re charge, re focus, ground or just catch your breath this weekend.  In the stillness, do not allow yourself to feel busy!  Watch for a wandering mind, scattered thoughts, restlessness in your body… and return to stillness.

When you are “on the go” be fully on the go with direction, focus and energy.  Do not allow your mind to wander or day dream.  Its best not even to try to slow things down.  Just stay on task!  In the activity of this space, feel your aliveness thriving.  Enjoy it.

Know that the still-ness is there to balance the busy-ness and vice versa. For this weekend at least, it seems that in between space may be lacking.  But it is never absent.  Just find your breath.

Word of the weekend:  Focus

Song of the weekend: (because we all need a dose of absurdity!)

What does the Fox say?

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