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Thursday, Jan 31, 2019

Energy Musings.  

Here.  Now.  Today!


a line in the sand. the word “no”. a fence. a wall.

What do boundaries serve? WHO do boundaries serve? This, as in most things, all depends. Depends on who you are, where you are and what is happening. Boundaries divide. That is true. But boundaries also protect. Division. Protection. When are these necessary? When are they problematic? This is the real question.

Examine your boundaries. Personal. Private. Familial. Societal.  In your work, your ideas, your relationships, your words.

Many have a tendency to believe that a life that is unbounded, is the most creative, expressive and desirable. Many have a tendency to believe that setting limits is restrictive and confining.

But limits and potential need each other.

If you try to fill a cup with no edges, what exactly are you filling? If you can’t fill, how can you experience your wholeness? If you cant experience your wholeness, how do you know who you are, what you are doing in this precious world? If you are the universe (which you are) and have no container for your being, what is your work here? How do you direct your life force without boundaries?

This physical form of ours is form of boundary, and it serves us in this time and place. We are energy bodies in a human form. If we leave this form, we no longer exist here (some call it death). But to be alive, is to understand this form, this place, these boundaries. And to know how to work within them. We can touch the infinite and have a connection there, but we live in this body. Our body of boundaries.

Boundaries can both powerfully serve us and others as well as potentially harm us or others. By examining your beliefs about boundaries and being honest with yourself (aye, theres the rub!) there is an opportunity for deeper connection, deeper work, deeper understanding and greater clarity. Its easy to be deceived by our belief systems, so being as neutral as possible with this examination is key.

When boundaries are up, its time to examine your own first. Then look to the manifestation of these patterns in the world around you. Everything becomes a reflection of it all. The infinite and the individual are not separate. We are bound together.

Song of the Day:  

The Walls Came Down.  by The Call.

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