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Energy Musings. Here. Now

The real state of this union

Waking up to each new dawn, there is a feeling “what will this day bring?” And although this is truth each and every day regardless, right now, that inquiry has a particular tone to it. A level of uncertainty and weariness. We can learn to roll with the punches, so to speak; to rise about it all, so to speak; to stay centered and grounded, so to speak. And yet the unrelenting signature of this inconsistency around us, is to wear us down over time. In other words: Its not that easy to escape or remove yourself from this all pervasive incertitude.

After the state of the union address this week, I noticed a distinct shift in my personal students. A new level of “stress” if you will. That stress originates from the massive disconnect between what was said in that address and what is really going on in our communities and lives right now. This disconnect feels unprecedented in its enormity. And the disconnect creates an energetic rift in our being.

Healing this rift, this disconnect, is what is “up” right now.

Resisting the overwhelming tendency to either run away from it all, hide from it all or be triggered by it all is the first step in this process. Take a deep breath in and know that you are not alone in this struggle. It is a personal and collective strain.

We need tools intended to literally clear and work the inner landscape, like meditation (not visualization), tuning forks and Qigong.

We don’t need “expansion” at the moment because this can be overwhelming and overstimulating to the nervous system and energetic body. While this acceptable form of escapism might feel good in the short term (depending on your preferences), in the long run, it will contribute to the likelihood of being more triggered and less able to cope.

The state of the union is chaotic and unpredictable. Blanketed in deep unknowing and embedded in fear and false pride. Thats just what is happening. And we are all truly “in” it. This lens we are seeing through right now is cloudy and mirky. Just knowing that, helps to make more informed decisions and to be more centered.

Take a deep breath in, and blow it away.  (repeat, if necessary)

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