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Friday, December 18th- Sunday December 20th

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today and this weekend, watch for patterns that might slip under the radar.  Little things, that otherwise go unnoticed.  If you ignore the small stuff it eventually turns Big. This is true of health, energy, psyche, work, kitchen appliances, et al!  Take some time today, this weekend, to look around you and notice what maybe you are ignoring or avoiding.  Or perhaps you know its there but you are just magically hoping it fixes or takes care of itself.  Look to the mind, body, soul, physical surroundings, your house, your car, everything.  What really needs your attention now?  Is there a doctors appointment long overdue?  A leaky faucet that needs to be fixed?  An ache or pain you have been avoiding?  A slight fatigue thats not getting better?  An important phone call you haven’t gotten to?  I’m not talking about the holiday cards as of  yet unsent.  I mean the underlying stuff you have been avoiding.  Forget all the holiday buzy-ness & distraction, and take some time to get these essential things done.  Consider this preventative.  Its crucial right now and is time sensitive.  Sure, Make a list & check it twice… and do it!

Word of the day:  Procrastination. Pay attention to it.

Action of the day:  Do it!

Inspiration of the day: Rosie the Riveter

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