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Friday, Jan 22 – Sunday, Jan 24, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now. 

TODAY.  This Weekend.  Be ready for the Wolf Moon.  Howling through the night sky, beckoning through the day.  How interesting that the first full moon in January is sometimes called the Snow Moon as well.  And the Old Moon.  Consider all these meanings. They overlap and intertwine in interesting ways.

This first full Moon of January asks you to call out to the sky.  To the night.  To the day.  Call for what you need most.  For what you have always been wanting.  Ask yourself:  What is it that I most desire?  Then ask:  Is that REALLY it?  What is behind the first layer of wanting?  And what is behind that layer?  And the next… and the next.  Come to the most basic, the common denominator, the one thing that represents your truest wish.  Ask for that.  Call for it.  Howl for it.  Dance for it.  Sing for it.  Paint for it.  Bring it in through all your senses.  It might have to get loud and  rowdy. It  might have to be soft and gentle. Only you know.  And ask the Wolf for guidance.  Invite him in to show you the way if you feel lost, confused, overwhelmed.  Be ready to accept whatever it is he has to show you.

This first full Moon of January, many are preparing.  Food, water, necessities.  What inner necessities are calling to be cared for, to be noticed, to be acknowledged?

Word of the day:  Howl 

Spirit Guide of the day:  Wolf

Song of the day:  Wolf Moon by Neil Young

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