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Friday, January 1st 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Happy New Year!  Happy New You.  Gifted with another year to grow, to journey, to shift, to love, to be, to soar, to fall, to be fully human in your glorious life.  Today, smile. Smile a big broad full life accepting smile.  Smile from ear to ear, from moon to sun.  Smile with your heart, your soul, your whole being.  Today, feel the happiness inside you that you bring into this new year.

Do you feel the possibility?  The potential?  The opportunity to start some thing, some piece of your life a New?  Is there a place you would like to start over?  Try again?  Have a fresh start?  The beginning of this New Year gives us a chance to pause and think about those places, those things, knowing that we are constantly given the opportunity to change.  Each and every day, not just today.  But with the collective conscious turned in this direction on this day, it creates even more focus here for us.  Tap into that.  It is a gift to all people everywhere, from all people everywhere.

May the unfolding of 2016 be all that you want it to be. May it meet and exceed your deepest longings and callings.  May it take you to the places you have always hoped to go. May it be a year of Dreams Fulfilled.


Word of the day:  NEW!

Song of the day:  Splendor in the the Grass by Pink Maritini

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