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Friday, Mar 5, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Breathe in Life Force.  Fill yourself with it.  Feel your Be-ing expand from the inside out.

To do this, follow your breath.  As you inhale, feel the expansion.  This is the filling of You. As you exhale, you soften … softening into the expansion and filling you just created.  Don’t let that go or forcefully push it away with a heavy directed exhale.  Simple let it all settle.

Breathe, fill, relax, repeat.

Remember this throughout  your day and pause to take in more life force; to fill yourself with Chi.  You can direct this filling to the places that need it most inside you if there is a block or pain.  Remember though, that the filling must be of ALL of you. Placing your hands on your body, crown of your head, belly, heart, etc, can help you to remember to fill out to your physical perimeter and to remind you to contain your life force rather than leak it.

Bring in your life force and raise your vibration today.

Word of the day:  Fill

Song of the day:  Because the Night by Patti Smith

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