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Monday, March 13, 2017

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Breathe in the fresh new crisp air this morning, and get to work!  Its a day for tying up loose ends, finishing projects and getting clear on your priorities.  Tear yourself away from devices and electronics, from phone calls and meetings, only attending to them when it is essential to getting your work done. And in those cases, keep it efficient!

Be mindful of distractions today, they will be pushing on you.  Resist the temptation to get sidetracked.  And notice where and how those distractions come up. This is valuable insight for future reference.

There’s an opportunity today to push through on some lingering projects.  If you can align with this moment, the work will go surprisingly quickly.  These are the times to jump in fully and engage in what needs to be done.

Find the flow in this process today and enjoy the relative ease of it all.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Take this opportunity, this gift,  for what it is.

Song of the Day:  Fallout Boy:  Light Em Up

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