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on Blame

blame on

on blame

what if.

what if the blame stopped here. now.

what if the finger pointed outwards,  released, joining again the unity of the hand.

what if there was no pointing in the first place.

what if instead the hands came together, fingers and all, palms touching.

Would then the head bow forward, the chin tucking, in solemn prayer for all?  In solemn prayer for our own pointing fingers.

who’s hands have not been stained by blood?  How far back do you have to go in your lines to see the traces of greed, hatred, power, control, dominance, fear, righteousness?  Are you willing to look?

 Looking back, you look inward. Looking inward, you look out.

Until you see we are all guilty. We are all “to blame”.  We are all responsible. Looking around at the players, the archetypes, the institutions…we created them all.  This world, exactly where it is at right now, you and I and everyone else is responsible for.  We need to stop hiding behind the toddler rhetoric “I didn’t do it.  He did.”   With this understanding comes evolution.

And evolve we must.  Because on the other side of all this blame, lies true freedom.  In the blame free state.  It is what we all long for. What our heart and minds dream of.  The world we only dare imagine is possible.

 And yet, we continually point fingers pushing this very same dream further and further away.

Look no further than the tip of your own finger.  And then, placing your own fingertips together,  held in prayer, forgive.

Forgive some more.  For all the times we have all blamed each other.  Ask for forgiveness and receive it back.  One finger at a time.

We can forgive, we can heal, we can leave the blame behind.

This, THIS, is what takes courage and strength and determination and fortitude.

This acceptance.  This forgiveness.

otherwise, we will just blame on.

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