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The cult of the new

I only need one Gong. One Crystal Bowl. One drum. One. Only One. More than one confuses things, can create chaos or can shift the focus. The mind, the being then is trained to want more, to desire bigger, to yearn for “better”. Both in the one who is receiving the work and, more problematic still, in the one who is guiding the work. By “better” I don Not mean in the sense of of what is truly best for us, but in a false perception that more is better. that bigger is better. that larger, that stronger, that higher, is better.

Perhaps this is human nature. The tendency to get caught in the trap that we need MORE. That somehow, in this very moment, we, it, they, us….. are not ‘enough’. That somehow if only: we had more money, a new job, a bigger house, more trainings, more tools, better marketing… that we’d take off and fly and leap into the life of our dreams.

I am here to hold the space of understanding that includes the life of our dreams as it is here and now. This heaven on earth. Through the radical lens of acceptance. Not through the lens of wanting, desiring or grasping. We have lost touch with the most fundamental knowledge we possess: the completeness of simplicity, the truth of this moment, the wholeness of our being which needs nothing more to be Full except this very breath. In fact, I don’t even need the Gong, or the Bowl, or the Drum or any “tool” at all. And neither do you. All the work, the depth, the transformation, the shift, the release, that you long for, can be achieved by simply sitting in silence together. With one who knows how to guide in the dark and in the stillenss. I don’t even need any technique, no scripted visualizations or guided imagery, no mantra or meditation ‘style’, no book or quote, no message cards or fun games, none of it. That is the truth. The only truth. Every tool we use is in essence an illusion. The danger being, we can confuse the path itself for the ultimate goal. We can confuse the ‘method’ of our choice for the end result. Then we will be stuck forever, on this treadmill of thinking we are progressing, but really being stuck . We might be stuck in an “ok” place and so that may feel “ok”. And we might even register “ok” as ‘good’! But sooner or later, sooner or later, our soul remembers its eternal longing and realizes it has been tricked and this is when we truly wake up. And I must tell you, it is a rather rude and shocking awakening. (set apart by the many false awakening that arise in ones life which are often described as “aha” moments) And in that moment, we understand that we truly need nothing and we let it all go, without any hesitation. And then, only then, do we really know what it means to fly.

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