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Thursday, December 17

Today, anchor in, fill yourself and take care of YOU.  Preventive medicine, in all its forms, would be wise to include in your routine.  Healing teas, tinctures, foods, homeopathics and practices like yoga, meditation and chi gong, will help aid you as we begin to move into this weekend. With all the buzz and activity of the holidays, its easy to forget about YOU.  What are the practices you turn to to boost your immune system?  Rest?  or maybe Sweat!  Its highly individualized.  But with your attention on staying healthy and strong, you will find exactly what you need.  Extend this to include your children and immediate family too.  Everyone can use a boost right now!

Heres a list of some things I often turn to.  See if any of these stand out for you today.

  1. Elderberry

  2. Fire Cider

  3. Ginger

  4. Astralagus

  5. Mountain Tea (Ironwort)

  6. Aconite

  7. Echinacea

  8. Apple Cider Vinegar

  9. Usnea

  10. Magnesium

  11. Vitamin C

  12. On Guard (from Doeterra)

  13. Miso soup

  14. Honey, Lemon Tea

  15. Eucalyptus

Word of the day:  re-charge

Pose of the day:  Surya Namaskar (to get everything moving and flowing) followed by a long restorative Savassana (to allow everything to let go!)

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