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Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

Today. Guest Post from Stas Burgiel at

“Acknowledge the power of your ripple” ~~ props to David Ji

We have the ability to send out good vibes and bad vibes. Or maybe I should say, we are always sending out vibes and we can make the conscious choice as to whether they are good sweet nectar (Ojas) or instead sowing discord and disconnect (Ama).

This consciousness dovetails nicely with the concept that personal happiness can best be maintained by compassion for others. We should strive to maintain Ojas in the verbal and non-verbal, the conscious and subconscious interactions with our environment and those around us.

Word(s) of the day:  Ojas:  The vital nectar of life = Bliss.

Song of the day:  Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys

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