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Thursday, November 19

Feeling Foggy Today?  Get your breath and body moving, feel the wind across your face, feel your hair swinging.  Skip, Run, Jump, Swim, Trampoline, Swing, Bike, Spin…. move!  Playfully, joyfully, exuberantly….move!  Laugh loud.  Smile Big.  Try something new today.  Who says that slide at the playground is only for your child?  Get on it!    Its been a heavy few weeks, and its time to shake it off.  Allowing the space for the weekend to enter with clarity and lightness.  Resist the urge to lay under the covers all day.  Have a dance party instead!  Once you get everything flowing, your energy will return and you will feel refreshed.

Word of the day:  Move!

Song of the day: I like to Move it (ok, so the video is soon 90’s, just dance!)

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