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Tuesday, December 15

Today, take this day moment by moment, step by step.  Each moment leads into the next.  The momentum that carries you through this time, this day, can easily sweep you up.  Losing precious awareness of the moments that make up our day.  You might have to actually physically STOP and pause throughout the day to remind you of these moments.  Some of them delightful, some irritating, some joyful, some hurtful… all of them sacred.

Remembering you have a choice in each and every moment of how to respond, how to show up. You might not get to choose what happens though, so don’t confuse your opportunity to alter the affect any moment has on your being with control.

In this moment, looking up from my computer screen, I notice a pink cloud hovering in a lightening blue sky.  It turns more and more vibrantly orange even as I type these words.

Look up. What do you notice?

Word of the day: Moment

Song of the day:  This Magic Moment 

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