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Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today.  We all have a dance.  A personal dance that is our life unfolding, undulating coming into BE-ing.  What is your dance? Like your name, your dance is unique. It carries its own energetic.  It follows its own Rhythm.  It has its own voice.  It is yours to receive, to own, to share.  How does your body move?

Forget what you have learned in classes or training. Forget the Yoga, the Tai Chi, the Ballet, the Modern.  How does YOUR body move?  Can you come to the place where only you exist and where no one or no thing has existed before or after you.  The place of total surrender and presence?  The stripping away of all that is Other to your innate BE-ing.  In this place, your true dance will be revealed.

Today, can you touch it?  see it?  smell it?  Drink it in one breath at a time?  Fill yourself with it?  Dance your dance.

Word of the day:  Dance!

Song of the day:  Dance to the Music by Sly

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