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Tuesday, November 17

Today feels like one of those “a little bit of everything” days.  A mixed bag, so to speak.  Reach in deeply to this bag to find your center, your light, your connection to your most divine self and watch the debris  flutter around you.  With a hand, a fan, a feather, a breath…  wave it away. Clear your field.  And then clear it again.  And again.  As the debris re-collects, just brush it off.  This may be an ongoing action throughout the day so don’t think of it as a one time thing.  If the debris settles, you will find yourself being pulled in multiple directions at once.  Simply come back to your center and clear again.  Use whatever tools work for your Being.  You will know it is working when your head space feels clear, your heart feels light and you can witness the drama unfolding around you with care and compassionate detachment.

Word of the day:  Clear

Song of the day:  Shadows of the Night

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