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Wednesday, December 16

Today, embrace your imperfection.  As preparations are underway for this sacred season, from holidays to the solstice, relax your need to get everything just right.  From the lights, to the candles, to the cards, to the gifts, to the calendars…… ask yourself what is most essential here.  And even in those essential places, allow for your human-ness to shine through.  Allow it all to be imperfect with total acceptance, and maybe even a smile.  Appreciate the efforts and experiences that bring you joy regardless of the outcome.  As you gather together with loved ones, look into their eyes, not the lights on the windows.  This is where the true connection is made.

Looking at the imperfection in all that is around you, all that you have or have not yet done or need to do, remember that in our true Be-ing together we create the most authentic Perfection possible.  Nothing more is needed.

Word of the day:  imperfection

Action of the day:  look deeply into a loved ones eyes

Song of the day:  Let it Go!  (a re-writing of a well known Winter Song.  Please add your own verses)

Oh the Holiday Tree is Falling,

And the decorations are Appalling,

The lights are hanging way too low,

Let it Go! Let it Go! Let it Go!

When we finally get to bed,

All the lists run through my head,

And I wonder what day is it,

Do I really have time to take care of all this….uh, stuff.

So the house may be quite messy,

And the laundry is piling a plenty,

But if the lights are turned way down low….

Let it Go! Let it Go!  Let it Go!