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Friday, Mar 11 – Sunday, Mar 13, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Weekend!

Fill yourself with color. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in.   Imagine a color filling your field. What color shows up?  Keep breathing it in.

Coming to your full capacity of breath, begin to exhale slowly, steadily. As you exhale, allow that color to move through your body directed by the exhalation.   Feel it filling you. Feel it being directed to the places that need it most.  You may need to repeat this several time to get the color to move into ALL the areas that are calling for it.  Pay attention and keep breathing.

This color bath will bring with it the healing you need, the cleansing you so desire.  Don’t worry about “thinking” the color. Forget about what you know about color associations, chakras,  elements, astrology… all of it.  Just drink in the color that comes for you with acceptance and awareness.  The less you know, the better.  There is less resistance then from the mind for the path of healing.  All you need is trust and a willingness to breathe and an openness to color.

Enjoy your weekend of Color Healing.

Song of the day:  True Colors, Cyndi Lauper.

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