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Thursday, Jan 28, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

TODAY> This ground you walk on is sacred.  Each step a personal, intimate meeting with the Divine.  Walking this earth is a constant flux ….a movement towards and away from what is sacred.  In that push and pull, that in and out, that meeting and departing of foot to ground repeated…..we weave peace.  Can you see the pattern?  Of footsteps created by all regardless of size, length, quality?  This tapestry we weave together. Contained within each rise and fall of each leg is the living of a sacred life, the planting of sacred seeds.

As you walk today, bring new awareness into your mindful step.  Awareness of the sacred.  Lift one foot up and feel the pull that moves your foot back down into the earth again. As you plant that foot, feel the meeting, the juncture, where the above and below come together.  As you lift again, feel the space between your foot and the earth. Become aware of it. Each step then is a pumping of this sacred energy. Some call it chi, some prana, some life force, some gravity, some energy….. whatever name you have for this force (THE force!!! ;-)) Connect to its sacredness today.  From this awareness, fill yourself.  Fill yourself with the Sacred that exists everywhere if only we pay attention.

Word of the Day:  Euphemism

Song of the Day:  I Feel The Earth Move by Carole King

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