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Thursday, Sept 8, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Cycles. Consider them.  Can you remember back to this time last year? What was there for you?  What were your dreams, hopes, wishes, fears, setbacks, challenges?  What ideas fell through the cracks? Which ones took flight and soared?  What were you excited about?

Without judgement or expectation, consider what is new here, now  and what is repeating here, now.  As you connect to your own cycles and remember where you were, you are better able to make choices with clear discernment on how to move forward…  In this way, you bring your growing consciousness into all that you do.

The month of September has always felt like a time of “beginnings” to me. With the start of the ‘school year’, the close of the Summer months, the cool shift in the weather,  the gradual darkening of the skies.

Where is this cycle leading you next?

Word of the Day: Cycle

Song of the Day: Cycle Song by Imogen Heap

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