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Wednesday, December 2nd


Today, frolic.  Find a friend, partner, playdate, child, parent, neighbor, lover and play!  Play a game, play tag, play in the rain, play in a leaf pile,  play charades, play, play, play.  Fun, laughter filled, light hearted Play.  Cut through the grey dreariness of the lingering weather with a burst of light filled energetic play.  Pillow fight with the kids?  Run with your dog?  Skip with a friend down the street?  Grab your partner and find some swings?  This is not your everyday kind of play, but more of a spontaneous burst of youth filled play.  It doesn’t have to be long…. or complicated.  Just find some time today to Frolic with a  Friend.  You are never too busy, too tired, too lazy, too incapacitated to find the space in your heart to play. Enjoy this moment.

Todays energy report comes courtesy of Squirrel Medicine from my morning walk today.

a blurb from Shamanic Journey website on Squirrel Medicine”As busy as these animals are, they always have time to play. Often in between gathering, they start to leap at each other and roll about in the leaves. They also seem to enjoy simply resting on a tree branch, enjoying the peace and quiet. This teaches us that there IS time for everything in life, that the balance between work, play, rest and contemplation is essential to our overall feeling of well being and harmony. We are also taught the balance within the circle of gathering and giving out. Our energy must not be wasted, but conserved for times of need. We are reminded that on our journeys to fulfil our goals, it is vital to make time for play and socialising.”

Word of the day:  Frolic

Animal of the day:  Squirrel

Plant Medicine of the day:  Clematis

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