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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Breathe into a quality that you want to embody. Something you want to invite more of into your life. Start with patience, non-judgement, kindness.  These are all themes that are front and center at the moment.

Which of these resonates with you?  Take a long deep breath and bring  that quality into your being.  Every time you forget, just breathe it in again. In the most challenging moments of your day lies the greatest gift, the opportunity to bring more patience, non judgment or kindness into that moment.  The only requirement is that your remember. Remember this: with an inhale, with an exhale.  Close your eyes and listen to the silence before you respond.

Those closest to you, most like you, dearest to you will ALWAYS challenge you in the most hidden places.  See this as an act of love.  Don’t try to stop or control them, turn your attention inward instead.  Here is where you will find freedom and the ability to shift patterns for real.  Nothing will ever change if you continue to lash out from a place of re-action.  You will only start a chain of negativity that unfolds into even darker places.  How many times will you travel down this well worn path of habit?

Instead, breathe into the clarity of the present moment.  Whatever triggered you already happened.  Moments, seconds, mili seconds ago.  Either way, it is literally over.  Let it go. Choose a new road.

Words of the Day:  Patience.  Non-Judgement. Kindness.

Song of the Day:  Blowing in the Wind by Bob Dylan

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