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Friday, Jan 8, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

Today, and this weekend, send love to the places of pain.  Deep inside you, Far outside you, look for those places of constriction registered as “pain”.  In our experience of our own pain, we can get caught in the dance of shutting it out or wallowing in it.  Sometimes, either or both of these responses are necessary.  Everything has its time and place.  As we become accustomed to these places, detached or overwhelmed, they become well worn paths of familiar patterns and re-actions.

Pain itself, is a major trigger for these pathways and as such, offers a tremendous opportunity to practice something different.  By softening into those places of pain, we create a loosening…untying knots that have been there for-ever.  Try it with something small and simple today.  Do you have a small ‘injury’, a cut, a bruise, a minor burn, a hurt finger?  Focus your attention on that spot and soften. In the softening, send love.  You might meet resistance in some form.  See it, name it  and soften here as well.

There is work to be done in this place of softening.  Here we teach ourselves how to let go, to surrender and as a result, how to expand.  Keep practicing sending love to the injured places, the hurt and broken pieces of yourself, the pain in your body.  Come back to that whenever you can remember to.  Step by step, piece by piece, we can learn to relax into our being and allow the healing power of love to come forward.


Word of the day: Soften

Mantra of the day:  Ohm (big round and soft!)

Song of the day:  I do it for You by Bryan Adams

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