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Monday, Apr 18, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Week:

Re-engage in a routine, habit or practice that you have lost touch with.  Something that has slipped off your radar recently or perhaps a long long long time ago.

Close your eyes and remember:  remember when you used to: wake at sunrise, practice yoga at home, journal, make art, drink homemade smoothies, meditate, jog, bike, sing, play the piano, garden……..You fill in the blank.

Something you did every day…. or almost every day.  Until it became easy.  A part of you, like breathing. Something that nourished you and comforted you.  Something that fed your soul and relaxed your body.  Something that made you smile, made your day brighter and made you feel Full.

Spend some time today discovering what that something is.  And like an old friend, invite her back into your life.  For this week.  See what wisdom she has to offer you. And maybe, you will invite her to stay longer. Re-connecting to a lost or forgotten piece of yourself.

Word: Re-Connect

Song:  The Cave by Mumford & Sons

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