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Monday, Aug 15, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This Week.

Consider your mark on this world in this life.  The impact, impression you wish to impart.  What have you already accomplished?  What is there left for you to do?  Its not about how big or small our impact is.  One is not better or worse than another.

To break barriers and glass ceilings, to re define the norm, takes countless faceless nameless people to do their part first.  Maybe you are the “star”?  Maybe you are the “building block”?  Maybe you are the “initiator”? Are you attached to being one or the other?  To being in the spotlight or to being out of it?  Where do you fit in?

As you consider your lasting contribution this week, take a deep breath in and practice radical acceptance for whatever your role is.  Knowing that we all create this world together and none of us does any of this alone.  In that knowledge, we share in our victories and our set backs.  And with awareness, we move forward together as a whole.  This is the essence of Unity.

This week, what more is being asked from you to rise to your fullest potential in this life?  Breathe into this place.  Accept it.  And move forward with ease.

Word of the Week:  impact

Song of the Week:  5 years by David Bowie

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