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Monday, Feb 8, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today.  Speak your Truth. Whisper it to the wind. Shout  it to the mountains.  Sing it to the Sea.  Fly it through the skies.

Speak your truth in your dance, in your art, in your music, in your walk.  Speak it in languages yet undiscovered.  Speak it through the body, the physical, the energetic.  Speak it like a Mantra, repeating gently in your mind.  Speak it like a lullaby, softly caressing you.

Do not confuse your Truth with arrogance, with needing to be right.  Your truth has nothing to do with anyone else but you.  Speak it to yourself and only you.  Let go of any need to prove it to others.  Speak it in your dreams and in each breath.

Never stop speaking your Truth. It lives on longer than the You that is here.

Word of the day:  Truth

Song of the day: The Truth by India Arie.

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