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Monday, Jan 11th, 2016

Energy Musings. Here. Now.


Today, Pull yourself in, in to your core, in to your essence, in to your most authentic, present, physical self. What might seem like the ‘mundane’;  housework, chores, bills, etc, become an important reminder of a balanced  life.  Essential to your expanded spiritual and formless essence, is the understanding of the physical realities of this place, this life, this world.  Cook, clean, take care of your children and loved ones. There is no need to search any further outside your inner circle, the day to day living,  to find your eternal connection to the Divine.

The “stuff” we have that needs to be cared for, our homes, cars, appliances, electronics, knick knacks, tools, you name it….are not things that get in the way of our spiritual growth but are the very fabric of it. They teach us by their presence, the importance of being IN this world as we are simultaneously expanded and increasingly awake and aware.

Take care of those things today.

And watch your back, literally.  There is a need to pay attention to what is behind you, what you can’t see and to unconscious action around your back.  This could be literally or metaphorical.  Consider the implication of both. Imagine you DO have those eyes on the back of your head today, and keep them wide wide open.


Word(s) of the day:  Present.  Here.  Now.

Song of the day:  I have Arrived. I am Home.  In the Here and in the Now.

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