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Monday, May 2, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

This WEEK!

Time to take a time IN.  

A powerful new moon and the coinciding of 5 planets in retrograde phase combine to really stretch and potentially challenge you this week.  With the correct perspective and approach however, you can shift into a lower gear and climb the mountain with more ease.

Its time to take a “time out” or more accurately a “time IN”.  Extra ‘sick days’ piling up?  Now would be a good time to use them as preventative medicine (before you REALLY do need them!).  Take a load off your plate and don’t feel guilty about simplifying your schedule this week.  Simplify by shifting from something that can be draining to something that is truly filling.   This could be staying at home and baking cookies or going on a spontaneous road trip to visit family or friends.  Unplug from the internet for a day or two and plug into the nourishing life that surrounds you.  Don’t answer the phone every time it rings and resist the urge to check caller ID.  It can wait.  Lower your expectations of what to accomplish and raise your intention to get less done and BE more!

The new moon is traditionally a time for introspection and solitude anyway, and with the backdrop created during this week, this feels particularly important right now.  Solitude does not have to mean totally alone. It can mean at home, with family or with those who are very close to you.

Enjoy this week and may you find smooth sailing along these choppy waters. And remember to take it easy!

Word of the Week:  Time In!

Song of the Week: Take it Easy by the Eagles

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