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Tuesday, December 1

On this first day of December, the last month of 2015, walk in the rain.  

For whatever ails you, walk in the rain.

If you feel tired, exhausted, low energy, walk in the rain.

If you feel excited, nervous, anxious, walk in the rain.

If you feel tender, raw, new, walk in the rain.

If you feel worried, relieved, sad, walk in the rain.

If you feel angry, confused, resentful, walk in the rain.

If you feel happy, content, loving, walk in the rain.

Just walk in the rain.  Silently.  Witnessing.

hearing the birds joyfully singing.

watching the plants happily smiling.

smelling the earth gently softening.

as the drops of rain fall on everything in their path, without judgement or discrimination.  creating a rhythm, a heartbeat, of nature herself.  so that you can hear, you can see, you can touch, you can taste, you can smell.

No matter what else happens today, walk in the rain.

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