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Tuesday, December 29th

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

Today, Signs of Spring are all around.  Daffodils are starting to bloom, trees are sprouting new growth, birds are out singing in the morning chorus.  But January is fast approaching .

The question is:  What’s Happening?

Is it time for growth and beginnings right in the middle of the dark winter days and nights?  Is everyone, everything, just confused?  Are we getting a dose of backwards medicine (in Lakota tradition for one, a very powerful if difficult, gift)?  Is something in your being and the world just ‘off’?

From the multitude of perspectives (those above and many many more), which one do you choose?  Is it ever any one thing?  How many perspectives can you imagine and hold for the information it carries?  Each piece, each perspective offers more and more awareness on a personal and global level.  Some will stand out as hooks or triggers, some will just feel good, some will be inspiring, some will make you wonder….. all of them have meaning and significance.

Examine what is happening.  Look for its reflections and reflect on the interpretations.  See what information arises for you today and take it in.


Question of the day:  What’s Happening?

Medicine of the day:  Backwards Medicine (Heyokah, trickster, sacred clown)

Song of the day:  Free Your Mind by Carolyn Malachi

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