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Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today. Find the creativity in all that you do, all that you are.  In each moment, you create. Create peace, create love, create nourishment, create healing, create calm, create chaos, create disorder, create life.  What is it that you are creating in this moment? And this?  And this?

As you cook your meals, feel your creativity. As you wash the dishes, make it creative.  As you answer emails, be the creative.  It is always with you, this creative spirit.  To come into deeper connection with your creative soul and live your art (instead of just make it), whatever your “art” may be, you simply need to recognize the creativity that is around you with all that you already do.

Breathe creatively,  walk creatively, smile creatively, speak creatively, move creatively throughout your day.  And don’t be surprised if inspiration to engage in your own personal practices comes flooding in.  Opening more to the creative spirit, we find we have even more to express than we knew possible.

Unleash your creativity.

Word of the day: Create!

Song of the day:  Mad World instrumental by Vitamin String Quartet

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