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Wed, May 18, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


The power of Song.  The power of Chant.  The power of raising your vibration with Sound.  Today, I offer you this:

Fly Like Eagles

May we all fly like eagles,

Flying so high,

Circling the universe,

On wings of pure light.

We are brothers and sisters,

Children of the light,

Here to make a better world,

For everyone’s delight.


Hey-wichi-ti-ti /<one sings>

wichi-ti—o /<one sings>

May we all love each other,

Each other as one,

Love will heal our mother earth,

Its only just begun.

May we all grow together,

Together as one,

This is the new age now,

The time has just begun.


Where we sit is holy,

Sacred is the ground,

The forest, mountain, river,

Listen to the sound.

May we all be one family,

Open and true,

Clear with each other,

I and I and you.


May we all sing together,

Rejoicing in the sun,

We are children of the Rainbow,

Of the New Age begun.

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