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Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.


Hump Day Deliverance 😉

Balance.  Its whats required right now in the world, in the neighborhoods, in your family, in your Self.  By “balance” I am not referring only to the ability to stand strong in stillness with resilience.  Balance will mean  something different for each one of us, in each situation.  Think of Vrksasana, the Tree Pose, with its strong rooted trunk , anchored roots and reaching branches.  Firm, solid and aligned at its core.  This is core strength and one form of ‘balance’.  Now think of a bellydancer 😉 , undulating fluidly through space, with grace, ease and strength.  Not rooted in one place, but expertly flowing around obstacles.  This is another form of ‘balance’.  One is like the Earth.  The other is like Water.  Both contain within them a key element of ‘balance’.

The question is:  what is required of you at this time to come into balance in Your being?  in this situation? Do you need more fluidity and flexibility?  Like Water?  Do you need more solidity and grounding?  Like Earth?  Or something else instead?  Whenever you consider what is needed…. think of its ‘opposite’ as well and be sure to include that.

In this way, we see balance not as a fixed state of being or even as a clearly definable one. But as a continuously shifting state that requires us to be fully present, aware and receptive at ALL times.  Coming into YOUR true state of balance in every moment means knowing how to respond with grace, strength, ease and  alignment.

Be mindful of those trigger points, the places of constriction.  No matter how “firmly rooted” you feel in these beliefs, if they come from a triggered place, there will be no balance there for you.  Breathe into the restriction and find the balance instead.

Word of the day: Balance

Song of the day: Waiting for the World to Change by John Mayer

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